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Sleightly Original

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$7.75 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Sleightly Original was published in 1981, and offers unique material using coins, folding coins, thumbtips and card/coin moves. 

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                                 Dai Vernon:   

"I was truly amazed to see the beautiful coin magic executed by Tom   Gagnon, who is the illustrator of the Vernon Chronicles. I have never  seen better."

                               Ross Bertram:   

"You have effectively expanded the use of a limited number of  sleights so that anyone wishing to learn an assembly routine would  be able to do so by selecting one from your many variations." 

                                  Ed Marlo: 
"The coin magic is excellent, and you do them exceedingly well. I've been telling the local magicians how great the routines really look.  You've got me practicing the necessary moves."

                           Harvey Rosenthal:

"Please do not blush when I tell you that I think your coin magic  (as well as your other close-up magic) ranks with the best I have ever  seen. Unlike many so-called 'legendary' coinmen who have been  'hyped' by a number of magic's elder statesmen, your magic truly  breaks new ground."


 First editions are still available - while they last!